There are always risks inherent with our carrying products, which may/can cause serious injury to anybody. Please bear in mind that both of our Driptip and Organic Piercing Jewelry products are/were not sterilized.

Always CONSULT with a Trusted professional body piercing specialist for a Guidance.  

IBZ is not responsible for inappropriate usage of the products.  Anyone/s who buys and/or uses products from IBZ is aware of and agrees that IBZ will not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury suffered which may happen to anybody at anytime. 

Anyone/s who uses and/or buys products from IBZ agrees not to file law suit against IBZ.

DO NOT BUY from IBZ if you don't agree with our disclaimer statement as above.    

Please keep our products away from children and pets.  

All products are sold as new and never been used by anybody.

Thank you for being our customer.